Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friday intraday

one trade and your day is done 
Bnifty risky Buy 24050 sl 24020 t:24098-24117-24137
Nifty we buy 9755 sl 9745 t:9785-9795
Nifty we Sell 9790 sl 9801 t:9770-9760-9728
9800 PE Buy 129 sl 120 t:143-146-149
Nifty Buy 9715 t:9740-9755-9765
all pure W.D.Gann learning

Dhfl Buy 400 sl 395 t:407.50-410 
TCS Buy 2511 sl 2501 t:2525-2530 

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Friday -

Sgx down 110 points would it be a black friday
Remember as per W.D.Gann My Mystical Way of Trading System Called the top on July expire day @ 10093 August high 10150 and July high 10117.90. 
We have activily done intraday buy/sell and taken juice from the market but 10151 it is a hurdle. View was always down....
Last week  high 10149.90 tells story
Trade the Price not Emotions
Trade the Trend not your Thought 
Trade with Numbers and Be in Trend 

[8/1, 10:48 AM] vijay chothani: 9800 PE Postional Buy @ 40 
Still holding 
Nifty road Map for the Weekly
and Expire Trade Forecast
9761 and below it panic bottom 9635 possible
Gann Levels 9801 - 9752 - 9727 - 9703 - 9654
So can we find a support around 9700 - 9727 levels

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nifty Spot outlook till Expire

Nifty Spot outlook till Expire

Nifty has been in a bullish trend with some sideways move and some sharp correction which turned out to be a good buying opportunity in Dips from the lows of Dec2017 7893. Nifty spot has already traveled 2000 points in 7 months and still there is no sign of reversal.

As per Gann methodology Nifty has completed 9769 and is now in the next trajectory above 9819 for higher t:9868-9918-9968-10018-10068. From the Expire day projected t:9804-9923 is also completed and above this 10090 is possible. From the established bottom 9340 we have already done 9928 (recent high 9928) and next bottom 9448 we have already done 9840-9890 and next important level 9940. From the recent low 9792 we have done 9841-9891 and next level is 9940. As per static 4 digit levels Nifty has been vibrating between 9801-9851-9901-9951. This all levels from different reference levels are pointing towards a confluence of levels at 9918-9928-9940-9951 on the higher side and support cluster around 9801 and if Nifty break will see a retracement towards 9752-9703-9654 and 9605. As per Daily and monthly charts hurdle is placed around 9980. Last 4 month Nifty range has been around 380 points which it has completed. Weekly Charts have shown sign of pause and now 9913 and 9886 should be watched for action if Nifty manages to hold it can move upwards towards 9980 which is also a strong hurdle. So expect action between 9929-9951-9980 and 9901-9851-9801.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday - Suppper Day

Nifty Future 
Sell 9875 t:9851-9837-9825 low 9833
BankNifty Future 
Sell 24230 t:24183-24162-24143
I told covered and now 
Buy 9857 t:9882-9895-9907

Banknifty Buy 24091 t:24159-24178                       
Delhi are you ready for the Workshop 
2 Seats Left for the 29th july workshop

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Nifty Sell 9902 sl 9929  t:9878-9865 low 9866.30 
Bnifty Buy 24252 sl 24221 t:24299 high 24289
9900 Pe Buy 51 t:65-71 high 68.90